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If you are having a problem with Phorum in versions 5.1 or 5.0 (deprecated), this is the place to look for an answer. You can also find help in our chat room
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Possible to Purge Stale Files from a command line?

by Mark Fresh
851 1 08/07/2018 06:25PM
Last Post by Mark Fresh

How to switch the Phorum database to support Unicode?

by Ulf Dunkel
8,365 22 08/06/2018 05:00PM
Last Post by Lega4

phpBB conversion

by zenon
11,307 9 11/01/2017 08:25PM
Last Post by sborzabor

Can't log-in to Phorum Admin   (Pages: 1 2)

by dlc3172
23,550 48 10/09/2013 10:09PM
Last Post by butterfingersbeck

Mass user deletion

by epicure
5,044 10 02/09/2013 11:44AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

archive forums

by Michael Horton
3,567 7 02/07/2013 10:06PM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

Can i edit privacy of forums

by Rigel Bernard
4,075 1 11/29/2012 05:49PM
Last Post by Rigel Bernard

24 hour format on posts

by foobar2
4,345 4 03/07/2012 11:35PM
Last Post by lordthistle

Getting a blank page on an upgraded Phorum

by henny
6,387 2 09/06/2011 01:12PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Problems with Chrome and Safari logging in

by simgio
5,052 7 07/06/2011 07:45AM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

Can I send a mail to all registered users

by wamukota
5,798 5 03/08/2011 09:16PM
Last Post by korsakov

Reducing the size of the DB, especially the phorum_files table

by Mark Fresh
6,105 2 01/20/2011 12:41PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Inherited Phorum - Help required

by alpinemauve
5,102 3 11/26/2010 04:05PM
Last Post by alpinemauve

rss feed with topic name

by tos
4,617 2 11/04/2010 07:20AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Error with search results in

by proforums
4,600 3 10/28/2010 03:28PM
Last Post by proforums

I can't view phorum as a guest...

by masterbeu
5,135 3 09/14/2010 01:25PM
Last Post by masterbeu

Phorum 5 inline images

by bnemesis
8,256 8 08/12/2010 01:03AM
Last Post by pmd

Phorum hack attempt: "Magic Include Shell"

by sheik
20,936 20 07/16/2010 09:12PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Phorum 5.1.25 barfed on itself, upgrade isn't going so well

by TheKorn
6,216 5 04/05/2010 05:30PM
Last Post by TheKorn

Anyway to increase the size of the PM box

by Michael Horton
5,448 3 03/17/2010 10:26PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

SOLVED: Links shown different in threads than in overview

by Thorsten Weiss
5,733 5 02/13/2010 01:11PM
Last Post by Thorsten Weiss

problem on changing database used with a forum

by webmaster
6,091 6 02/05/2010 09:08AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Editor tools

by hamre
6,522 1 01/29/2010 11:24AM
Last Post by hamre

merge threads

by Michael Horton
6,370 4 01/27/2010 08:00PM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

Problem moving phorum.

by john62
6,383 6 01/03/2010 02:29PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Can't login

by john62
5,168 2 01/03/2010 12:34AM
Last Post by john62

User Avatar module doesn't work

by farang
5,784 2 11/21/2009 08:45AM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

how to give focus to the subject on reply?

by farang
5,900 2 11/02/2009 10:15PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

change user name colors?

by farang
6,078 2 11/01/2009 09:20PM
Last Post by Joe Curia

how to eliminate "IP Logged" next to user names?

by farang
6,541 3 11/01/2009 08:26PM
Last Post by farang

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