TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get the size of the image: http:// tags. Demo: How to install: Unpack the archive and place the files inside the directory "mods" of your Phorum installation. Go to your admin interface and go to the "Modules" section. There you can enable the module "In-body attachments". Also check out the settings for the module. Changelog: 2007-05-02 v1.4.0 - Branched the module for 5.1 compatibility. The 5.1 "file" hook is no longer available in 5.2, in favor of a cleaner hook system for file handling. - Fixed a problem with MIME types. In some cases, the script generated "/image/whatever" instead of "image/whatever". 2007-02-26 v1.3.7 - Some small changes for XHTML 1.1 strict validity. - Fix for preventing a PHP warning in getimagesize(). 2007-02-14 v1.3.6 - Added options to the settings screen, which make it possible to suppress automatic loading of the required JavaScript libraries. This can be used to prevent conflicts in case the website already uses one or more of the libraries (for example prototypejs, mootools, scriptaculous and/or lightbox). - Added the Mootools/Slimbox combination as an alternative image viewer. This combination is a lightbox clone, only it uses the Mootools JavaScript library as the javascript framework. The advantages of this viewer are that the javascript code is much lighter and the viewer has better features. Unless there's a good reason for running Lightbox (like needing the prototype javascript framework, which collides with Mootools), then I would suggest running the Slimbox. 2007-02-12 v1.3.5 - Do not call the in_body_attachments_resizeimage() JavaScript call in the onload event of images if that JavaScript function isn't loaded. This can be the case if the message bodies are formatted from outside phorum, where the JavaScript code for this module isn't loaded. 2007-02-02 v1.3.4 - If image scaling is enabled for http:// tags, then the data is always cached for the image, even if we don't scale it. This is done to not have to depend on the remote server for the http://. 2007-01-10 v1.3.3 - Fixed undefined index warning ($max_w not set inside the hook function phorum_mod_in_body_attachments_file). 2006-09-11 v1.3.2 - Turn white-spaces in URL's into %20, else file_get_contents() will trip over it. 2006-09-11 v1.3.1 - Small fix: the Lightbox initialization code was run on all pages, causing a JavaScript warning. 2006-09-11 v1.3.0 - Implemented "Lightbox" as an image viewer. From the module settings, the admin can now choose between "Lightbox" and "Browser" as image viewers for displaying full size images. See also: [ - Replaced the zoom.gif image with a more friendly one. Especially when using small thumbnail images, the old image was a bit heavy. 2006-08-16 v1.2.1 - Small fix: the default module settings weren't loaded on the control panel page, which could cause undefined index warnings if the admin never saved the settings for the module. In the control panel, the format hook is called for formatting the user's signature. - Moved the zoom icon to the right top side of the scaled image, so it won't be masked by MSIE's image tools (which appear if you hover of an image for a short time). Thanks CBiLL for pointing this out. 2006-08-15 v1.2.0 - The module now can scale down images that were externally linked using the bbcode disabled from the module settings page. Because PHP needs to read remote files for this, the PHP configuration option allow_fopen_url must be enabled. 2006-07-25 v1.1.0 - The module now uses GD for really scaling down images instead of only applying a different width to them. The overlay icon is drawn directly into the scaled image. For performance, the resulting image is cached in Phorum's cache. This change allows for better looking scaled down images, because most browsers use a rough image scaling method which does not look really good. If GD is not available within PHP, then the javascript fallback code will still do its job. For best results however, GD is required. 2006-07-25 v1.0.3 - Added an overlay icon to scaled down images, to give a notice to the end user that the image can be zoomed. - Added a German translation, thanks to Oliver Riesen. 2006-07-21 v1.0.2 - Put the javascript in its own file and linked that from the html <head> section. - If GD tools are available, the image sizes will be remembered at post time. This can later on be used to scale down images when they are larger than a maximum width that can be configured from the module settings page. Scaling down is done by simply applying a width=".." attribute to the inline <img> tag. User can click the image to view it in full size in a new window. - If GD tools are not available, then the image sizes cannot be determined at post time. As an extra strategy for catching those cases, a javascript resize method is added. The only drawback of this method, is that images are scaled after they are loaded, so this causes some flickering. 2006-07-10 v1.0.1 - Added compatibility for Phorum 5.2. 2006-01-10 v1.0.0 - Initial release Edited 14 time(s). Last edit at 07/09/2007 06:37AM by mmakaay.