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Module: Ignore Forums

Posted by Joe Curia 
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Module: Ignore Forums
July 31, 2008 11:41AM
This module allows a user to ignore forums that were previously viewed. This will suppress the new message flags on the index page. The module supports selection of the ignored forums both from the Control Center under Forum Settings and also from the index page. However, the link for the index page will need to be added to each respective template. Instructions for doing so can be found below. All links and headers can be customized for any language by following the language customization instructions below

Installation and Usage:
After copying the module files and enabling the module, users will be able to select ignored forums by going to their Control Center -> Forum Settings page. If you would like to enable the "Ignore Forum" link you will need to add some code to your template's index_new.tpl and index_classic.tpl. The simplest way to do this is to copy the "Mark Read" sections of code and duplicate them, changing MARK_READ to IGNORE_FORUM, and LANG->MarkForumRead to LANG->phorum_mod_ignore_forums->AddToIgnores. For the Emerald template and others based off of it, you will also want to remove the class="icon icon-tag-green" from the anchor to avoid duplicating the Mark Read icon.

So, if you are using the Emerald template, your index_new.tpl will look something like this:
{IF FORUMS->URL->MARK_READ}<a class="icon icon-tag-green" href="{FORUMS->URL->MARK_READ}">{LANG->MarkForumRead}</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;{/IF}
<!-- Added for Ignore Forums mod -->
{IF FORUMS->URL->IGNORE_FORUM}<a href="{FORUMS->URL->IGNORE_FORUM}">{LANG->phorum_mod_ignore_forums->AddToIgnores}</a>{/IF}

To customize the links and headers for your language, copy the english.php in this mods "lang" folder and rename it so that it has the same name as your main language file (found in the "include/lang" folder). Then edit the new language file with the appropriate translations. If you do create a custom language file, please considering uploading it to this module's thread on the Phorum website for others to use.

- Add support for the Tabbed Emerald template

- Add features as they are requested and fix bugs as they are reported.

Joe Curia (aka Azumandias)
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