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links in messages

Posted by 2mmy 
links in messages
December 17, 2006 10:31AM

Got some question, just startet using phorum, have it up running, but have some problems.

When some members post a message which some long urls in it, then the board only shows the domain in the url (but still going to the full url) can I change that so it shows the entire url in the post?

And how can I get url in messages to open in a new window instead of the same window as the board

Thanks a bunch :)
Re: links in messages
December 17, 2006 06:27PM
The BBCode module will have to be modified to allow the full URL to be shown. (its a regex replacement)
Re: links in messages
December 18, 2006 02:05AM
and the "open in new window" part can be changed in the settings of the bbcode-module.

Thomas Seifert
Re: links in messages
December 18, 2006 07:47AM
any of you by any chance could tell me where to find those files, and what to chance it? I tryed looking in the bbcode.php thing, but couldnt really dare to chance anything :)
Re: links in messages
December 18, 2006 09:06AM
In the "$replace array" section, the lines containing the greater than "a" codes (lines 2&3 of this setting) should have the $3 changed to $1 (these are toward the end of the statements.

The links open in new windows can be set from the administration page.

Be aware that if you upgrade the phorum, this will have to be rehacked.
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